Toni Scarmato: pubblicazione su ARXIV e Astrophisical Journal COMETA ISON

Articolo scientifico sulla cometa sulla cometa ISON posto all’attenzione della comunità scientifica.

Un grande contributo dato dagli osservatori.


I complimenti da parte di tutto il consiglio direttivo e dai soci della Magna Grecia Aerospace, al nostro grande e mitico Presidente Onorario Toni Scarmato, per la prima pubblicazione scientifica su una delle maggiori riviste del settore astrofisico a livello mondiale.

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We present our results for comet (ISON). Our results were obtained with amateur telescopes observing from the ground, before and after the comet had passed conjunction with the Sun in August 2013. We measured a mean radius of 830 +- 245 m, and we have identified a persistent structure in the direction of the sun with a preliminary rotation period of approximately 3 days. In the tail are visible peculiar structures linked to the production of dust by the nucleus. Our data Af(rho) (AHearn et al. 1984), a physical parameter that indicates the amount of dust produced, is approximately 500+-50 cm in the quite phase which means a production Qdust=500kgxsec^-1 equal to 43.2×10^6 kg per day. A considerable amount for a small comet. We have also detected two major outbursts in January, 2013 and November, 2013, and minor outbursts throughout the observation period. Key words: General: general; comets: C2012 S1 (ISON), ISON, comets, afrho, photometry of aperture, flux, apparent magnitude, absolute magnitude, fragmentation.


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